Have a cold one

Top o' the day to ya!

I'll be your Bartender, you can just refer to me as the Barkeep. Usually people tell stuff to their bartenders but I'm going to turn it around and tell you something. I have a confession. I own a lot of DVDs. I mean, more than any normal person should probably own. How did I acquire several hundred DVDs? Well…

I served in the United States Army for 23 years and during that time I wasn't always able to catch a movie, or even the "latest" TV shows. (Spent a lot of my career in Europe) But I could always find them for rent or for sale. (You'd be surprised how many German owned movie rental and/or sale joints you can find next to a military base). Over the years I just accumulated a ton of DVDs. Also during the first years of the new century I wrote on another amateur movie review site. It was therapy…I was a recruiter then, a job I truly and utterly hated. I needed the release that came from watching a silly movie and picking it apart. But my duties required me to give that up. But I still have the DVDs.

This site is for fun. Sometimes even watching a terrible movie is more fun than watching a good comedy. I'm not a professional movie critic, I'm just a regular guy that enjoys a good (or bad) movie on how entertained it makes me…and I fully admit that sometimes I'll like a terrible movie just because it made me chuckle. You can always tell me if you disagree with my opinions. (As long as you keep it civil) But for now, just pull a seat and have a drink. Let's see what's on tap!